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About Us
The Dom Pedro Golf Academy Vilamoura, has been created to provide our students with all of the resources needed to help them become bestert golfers. Regardless of the students ability level, The Golf Academy provides a roadmap to success. We aim to provide fun, safe, and educational programs for golfers of all ages and abilities. A team of PGA Professionals are waiting to deliver the best golf lessons available while state of the art technology is available with TrackMan 4 available for golf lessons and custom fitting.

The Dom Pedro Golf Academy Vilamoura offers golf lessons, golf clinics, junior golf classes and a full custom fitting service. Along with technical proficiency, our instructors will help promote equipment evaluation, equipment fitting, nutrition advice and physical fitness. At the end of the lesson players will receive personalised drills prescribed by the instructor.


Custom Fitting
No matter what your level of play and age - Golphin For Kids and Titleist Regional Fitting Center offer an opportunity like no other, for all ages. Our trajectory software is used to capture swing and ball information for most precise fitting available. Tackman Launch Monitor and the Titleist Center Fitting Technology allows you to try our drivers, irons and putters, with a variety of shaft and clubs head combinations, in a matter of minutes. World class junior brand Golphin Technology helped develop club weight 22% lighter than traditional junior clubs, helping to perfect a great swing.

Golf Lessons
Individual or smalls groups (max 4 pax)

  • Technology Golf Lessons using latest golf teaching technology
  • Traditional Golf Lessons with more than 30 years teaching at the Vilamoura, our PGA Golf Professionals have the passion to help golfer’s with a desire to play better golf.


Kids Golf Lessons
If you’re under 21 then we make sure that you have FUN at the Academy. It’s not all about distance, how hard you hit the ball or serious competition - at the Academy we have games aplenty and make learning about golf as fun as we can. Keep inspiring golfers next generation. We have weekly after-school classes - these take place across various days.

Golf Clinics, Courses and Programs
For men, ladies and seniors we have weekly evening classes - these take place across various days, or programmes One, Two & Three Days Schools.


Corporate Events
A well-executed golf outing can create the perfect environment for your corporation or organization. You can incorporate golf, instruction, tournaments and golf clinics, plus others unique elements to strengthen employee relationships and create lifetime customers.

Golf Happy Hours & Events
To grow the game, the happy hours and other Open Events will help to promote this sport in partnership with a various local corporations or organizations, a unique experience in golf.

TPI Fitness Screens
Fitness Programs for Golf
TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. With our TPI Certified Instructor we can screen your physical limitation for golf and players will receive a personalised drills prescribed by the instructor.

Class Schedule
From 7am to 8pm - Dom Pedro Pinhal Golf Course’ driving range.
From 7am to 7pm - In any of the Academy’s driving range, the schedule varies according to the time of the year.

* All classes must be booked according to the availability of the professionals, space, and equipments
* The golf balls machine of the training camps closes 30 minutes before the closing time

Academy’s Headquarters Schedule
Week days, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm (for bookings, payments, equipments sale, and Academy related matters)

+351 924 151 458
Dom Pedro Golf Academy Vilamoura
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